Prowave LX Hair Removal


The Prowave LX Hair Removal system delivers a specially tailored light source for permanent hair reduction. An additional patient benefit is the ability of the hand piece to treat large areas – quickly and safely.


Prowave LX Hair Removal delivers powerful, gentle light into the hair follicle to prevent regrowth. Because hair grows in phases, it’s necessary to repeat the treatments at periodic intervals in order to achieve maximum hair reduction. And with Prowave LX Hair Removal, you’ll enjoy optimum comfort with continuous cooling of the treatment area during each light pulse.


Increased Patient Comfort
The cooled hand pieces minimises discomfort
Less Treatments!
You don't have to have 12 treatments to see results
Large Hand Piece
Covers more area quicker

Prowave LX Hair Removal can remove hair from all parts of the body including the face, legs, arms, underarms, and back. It can also treat sensitive areas like the chest, nipples, and bikini line.

With Prowave LX Hair Removal, you’ll enjoy a fast, comfortable procedure performed in as little as 30 minutes. This exceptional technology can treat your whole body including underarms, legs, bikini area, arms, chest and back.

When the pulse of light is delivered, some patients experience a mild pinching or stinging sensation.

Most areas require 3-6 treatments. However, the number of treatments required for optimal long-term benefits depends on multiple factors – hair thickness, the area treated and your hair’s growth cycle. Each hair grows at a different rate and goes through three distinct phases: growth, regression, and resting. The treatments work by disabling the hair that is principally in the active growth phase at the time of treatment. Since other hairs will enter this active growth phase at different times, additional treatments may be necessary to disable all of the hair follicles in a given area.

Immediately following your ProWave treatment, the area may appear a bit red and swollen. Three to seven days after treatment you may experience what seems to be regrowth of hair. Actually, most of these hairs are being shed as a result of your treatment and are not regrowing. Between treatments you should not wax or pluck your hair, but it is permissible to shave.

The Prowave LX Hair Removal system requires less treatments to see results, compared to other laser clinics. For example, you would only need 6 treatments for the same results on a 12 treatment package from other laser clinics.

Using the latest technology in hair removal, the Prowave LX Hair Removal system can rapidly treat large areas safely and effectively on patients with a wide range of skin types. The cooled hand piece increases patient comfort and minimizes the adverse skin reaction commonly seen with other light sources.


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